Outdoor Behavioral Health Care Council by Anasazi Foundation

Nowadays people are more prone to the impact of emotional and relational struggles by the fast life style. It is mandatory to treat the patients with emotional imbalances in a natural way of therapy by the use of experiential education. Wilderness therapy is an adventure based treatment of the clients with struggles in their normal life. Outdoor behavioral health program is leaded by the community of Outdoor Behavioral Health care Council to treat the people with best practices and programs by effective treatment by evidence based research. The OBH council was founded in 1996 with wilderness treatment programs to share the best practices.  Anasazi Foundation is a non-profit organization in Arizona serving many families with the wilderness therapy treatments. It is an outdoor survival program designed to educate the people in an efficient method.

Role of Outdoor Behavioral Health care

OBH is the use of wilderness experiences which is licensed by mental health professionals in order to meet the therapeutic needs of clients. It consists of clinical assessment of the clients with a reasonable course of treatment. It gives adventurous experience to the clients for the benefit of relief of stress. It uses nature in reality for the treatment within the therapeutic process.  Individual therapy lesson helps the clients for group living and team work benefits. It teaches the clients with a strong ethic of support and care of the people.


This therapy is provided by the trained professionals of the wilderness therapy. Practitioners of OBH are trained for the therapeutic techniques and in the facilitation of adventures. It provides the primary and secondary care for the clients with regard to the public health by the enhancement of the mental health of the individuals.

Best Practices of Anasazi

OBH provides program for treating the mental health of the clients which is applicable to the state and federal laws for hiring the employee practices with the safety regulations and procedures for the treatment of the participants of the program. It is a holistic approach to the health and wellness program of the individuals to treat the client with proper care of the trained people. This outdoor based approach is useful in treating the people with different perspective which creates more impact in a positive way. This camp method of treating clients with emotional disorder is quite useful in treating emotional and relational distress in an effective way of people of all ages.