Don’t Have a Cow This Holiday– Give One

Wish to provide a significant present that won’t be forgotten or stored after the holidays?

Heifer International, an organization working to eliminate cravings worldwide, has a solution: animals.

By contributing a sheep, cow or other stock in honor of a loved one through Heifer International, you can help impoverished families get the resources they have to get out of poverty and end up being self-reliant.

The farm animals like grass fed goats supplied by Heifer International provide households wool, milk, eggs, transport and other needs. Families can sell their surplus items and utilize the cash for school materials, medication, farming products and housing improvements.

A goat, for example, can supply a family with a number of quarts of milk every day. Bonus milk can be sold by the household or made into cheese, butter or yogurt.

Heifer International also offers llamas, water buffaloes, heifers, chicks, ducks, geese and hives of honeybees – among others.

Here is the best ways to set your present in movement:

  1. Contact Heifer International to receive a complimentary present brochure.

  1. Request a distinct gift card that you can send and personalize to your honorees, explaining the generous contributions you’ve made in their name.

  1. Savor the joy of understanding that, thanks to your gift, a struggling household is on the roadway to self-reliance.

See your gift multiply. Every receiving family guarantees to “pass on the gift” of its animal’s very first offspring to another family in need.

Enjoy your present increase. Every receiving household guarantees to “pass on the present” of its animal’s very first offspring to another family in requirement. Thanks to this act, entire communities can raise themselves out of poverty.