Chandler Medical equipment for rental basis

Chandler medical supplies are supplying their medical equipment for both home needs and hospital needs. They not only sale their products but also give them on rental basis. Some customers need medical equipments on the rental basis as they want them temporarily. They also supply to them the qualified products. There are some of the rules for this rental basis. If any repair comes while using they will repair the home medical equipments such as wheel chairs and scooters and walkers and beds and lifts and patient wheel chairs and so on. But they will do simple repairs only. For example if the screws or nuts for the wheel chairs are repaired or replacing the battery services like that they will repair services are there and even they do not charge extra for this. They do not repair some of the respiratory related products but they will help and will work with the manufacturers. They will give warranty to the products.

For rentals Chandler medical rental repair warranty and non warranty products also. But for non warranty product they will charge extra. Whether the customer needs for long term or short term rental basis Chandler medical suppliers will deliver the right equipments and they will set up and fix them and after the rental agreement complete they will come and take the equipments. If the customer cancel the products unfortunately for any reason they will 100 % refund their amount and without asking any clarifications and all. This is for rental basis and also for normal sale. The pricing and information of the rentals is mentioned clearly in their website. For one week they will charge one rate and for 2 weeks they will charge another. Based on the time period they will charge the amount. The amount is fixed for everyone and do not change. For rentals after every usage of equipments they will again clean and make them new. For example for wheel chairs they will use vinyl cloth only as after usage they will use sanitize solution for cleaning. They will clean all the surfaces including hand control.