The Essentials of Health for You Now

Taking care of your health is perhaps the most important thing to do in your life. It is when one loses one’s health that one realizes the treasure of being in good health.What are our vital functions, what keeps us alive and allows us to say that we are alive?

  • We eat,
  • We drink,
  • We breathe,

Let’s move

These four main actions are under our responsibility. We can act and decide what we eat from what we drink, how we breathe and move.

Health food

Food is a field of knowledge very vast, much studied and very represented on Internet. One blog is not enough on its own to talk about all the research and theories about food. Health food is also a big part of our blog “The health box “.

  • Wecannot treat in one article how to eat healthy. I chose to give here what seems to me to be essential when one wants to embark on the path of good health: vegetables and fruits.
  • We were much talked about and rightly about 5 fruits and vegetables a day. It is a minimum, it is better to eat more, at least for vegetables.
  • Why do we say vegetables and fruits and not fruits and vegetables? Because many people hear this slogan and throw themselves on the fruits, often more appreciated than vegetables. They are sweet and do not need to be prepared.
  • But the main supplier of minerals that we sorely miss is vegetables.
  • Add vegetables to your diet including at least a third of raw and fruits.
  • Why am I talking about adding and not deleting? Because all the diets start by forbidding us this or that type of food. And in general it only results in frustration and the abandonment of the regime in the longer term.
  • So add vegetables and fruits to your days and suddenly you will eat less of something else that cannot be less good for your health.

Health drink

It will be simple. The only drink that the body needs is water. It is important to drink in order not to be dehydrated.

All sodas and other sugary drinks are toxic to your body. Commercial fruit juices are also very rich in sugar.For more on this visit .

The solution?

Do you have your goal in mind? Cut it into small daily, weekly or monthly actions and focus on that alone. With regard to food, those who subscribe already have their plan of attack with The End of Beans. For others, do not hesitate to take a look at our boxes to introduce you gradually and with pleasure to healthy eating habits.